Sunday, 21 February 2010

Christmas Doooooooooooooooooo

It's taken me ages to get these photos onto a smilebox i've popped the slideshow here just incase i have aprob forwarding it by email on monday.....nhs email system is really tight these days and filters just about everything so here it is just in case.

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Jazz has got a friend

Jazzy has a play pal...i remember this gorgeous cat as a kitten she'd come over and was soooo confident i think she came into the house a few times..until our other cat chased her off his patch...well Jazz just wants to play so she's back and it was really sweet they've been playing in the back garden for the last few days...don't know what our other cat will think about it as he doesn't tolerate much playfullness... guess the girls are outnumbering him now.

memory album

I had the privelege of creating a memory album for a team of wondeful people working with children..i was so pleased to hear from Sobia as i'd left sometime ago...thankyou for allowing me to put together all the childrens work for their consultant...such thoughtful and heartwarming input from all the children..

A quick celebration album on a budget

I have a lovely lady who likes her albums on a budget...i always do the best i can for her are a few pages from a recent album created.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentines sentiment

I could be quite gushy about how grateful i am to have my luvly hubby around...i have a scrapbook of our journey together and there are a few pages left so our meal out on Sunday will have to incorprate a photo and a memory to add to my little album!Chel and i are busy and often stressed... life can be and is often a bit of a bumpy ride because thats what life is like ...good times and less fortunate times all part of that him i did find a soul mate and a friend...this was this weeks quote from compendium and i really connected with it...
"Then we sat on the edge of the earth, with our feet dangling over the side, and marveled that we had found each other."

--Erick Dillard
If you want more from compendium do google them or look at the link they create inspirational books that warm the heart.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Plans for album

I'm going to be busy next week with my commisioned album...the tags and content is still being collected and although i have the basics outline created i think i'm going to be burning the midnight oil...However,here are two books i'm hoping to alter.One will include the fairy and memaid images i've prepared and Alice's Adventures will be a work in progress...

easel cards

I have created the last of my easel cards for now ..these lovely images i coloured in sometime ago they are dreamy and scrumptious.The last time i used them they completed an 'autumn dreams album' and a quirky little offbeat album i created for Megan,my neice for christmas.I love them ..

cards for valentines

I have been enjoying creating some easel cards...i've a commissioned retirement album waiting to be completed and my itchy busy fingers and busy head had to be occupied so here's how one of the cards looked.