Saturday, 29 March 2008

Creating with love and intention

Before christmas of last year I sponsored Emmaculate a little girl in Uganda being supported by the WATOTO organisation. I hoped to create an 8 x 8 album every other month to generate some more proceeds to donate to Watoto and these two albums are my first with that in mind.I also intend to create an 'All about me' album with love for Emmaculate to use however she wishes..I have a bigger dream of being able to increase my support and improve the opportunities for children in Africa. Having family links in one African country it is such a challenge to know where to start but sponsoring Emmaculate was my small start.

Watoto 'Harmony' album

Watoto album 'follow your heart'

I loved creating this album when I pass it on to a buyer the proceeds will go towards my Watoto contributions.

Photo's of a fantasy theme 6x6 album

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Making Slider cards with Lou, Linz n co...

how inspired I was to create more of these great cards! Thankyou girls for the tutorial, troubleshooting and encouragement..I went home and created more!

Saturday, 15 March 2008


There has to be a little weekend Magic!

I've been crafting to refresh my heart and soul when I could this week.I've found I can create artist trading cards reflecting sentiment quite easily in the week without too much tidying around and I get lots of 'lost in positive and beautiful thoughts space' ..... matching embellishmnets, reading through is this lost in beautiful thoughts space that I love...I don't know when I started to need this space but I always know when I don't get it! I've had to buffer myself from harsh comments, unhappiness and negative words some of the week.....I refuse to be unhappy! but it does have a wear and tear effect on my soul...I and am so looking forward to a little retreat at Lou's today she is a stampin up rep and we are having a workshop at her's.Her blogspot is 'always look on the brightside...' she's not only a talented crafter but a lovely friend to have....Linz will be there as well she's amazing! she gets us together! motivates folks and has started craft workshops for the children's centre she works in...we used to all work together I loved those days soooo much and grieve a bit every now and again...So hey you two I cannot wait to see you I'm bringing my camera!!! this time as I've just been listing to Stacy Julian's latest class on big picture scrapbooking and am following her 'scrap happy' class. Big Picture are great and when I listened to Stacey everything she said I connected with!I'll add the site to my links.I also received my little books from the compendium company.... people you must look at this site the merchanise is sooo inspiring.I would love to promote their items here in the U.K but have difficulty in knowing where to start,I must ask around about how to get some sort of selling licence.. their items have to be shared with the world!!!

Friday, 7 March 2008

tiny spirit folk ..mica minnows

I have enjoyed creating these tiny 'fit in the palm of your hand sculpts'. They have mermaid type tails tinted with mica pigments embellished with mica flakes they have delicate elfeen spirit folk the main they are quiet and un assuming living in harmony with the other water folk.Look carefully into the water when the sun shines you may sea one curled around underwater plant life or resting on a stone...

Mica Minnows

creating with friends is great

Dawn, Pauline and Tess came over to create ! Thankyou girls it was a lovely Saturday afternoon.Dawn had some amazing templates.She took us through the steps of creating a mini exploding box.We all created one it helps to have company as I'm not an instructions person so we all helped each other fathom out what folded where and which lines to cut down!So here's my finished product I'm looking forward to creating another and the ATC's holder Dawn... come again girls same time same place the first Saturday of next month.My pals linz and Lou are going to like this little box can't wait to share the template with them.

creating with friends..with mothers day in mind