Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Art Nouveau album project

I am taking my time with these albums i want them to be embellished plentifully and i want to savour every moment.I've completed the front covers and the templates for the albums and their inner pages..... this project has been a little picture in my left brain for sometime!

Comissioned Albums for two special little girls.....

Two albums to keepsake memories in for sisters.They are simular ' dreams ' based with some fairy magic inside and the cover schemes chosen by their mum based on their lovely..such a pleasure to create these albums...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

For my Good Friend K.....

I loved creating this for my buddy ....She has recently obtained some very old photo's there are sooo many that show some very memorable moments from her childhood. This is a particularly cute photo of her brimming with joy and mischief as a little one... she still has the same cheeky smile and so have included a photo of her on the first page showing that very same character a good 40yars on ! everyone cannot help but be drawn to this cute cheeky little girl so we've given her wings and she is her own 'Angel of Happiness' this suits my freind she is indeed an Angel of Happiness.I would love to create more of this sort of album for others....we all are our own Happiness Angels and I think it is a truly healing ritual to give oneself wings and the freedom to acknowledge this.

2010 Footy highlights album

This is a quick 4 x4 to add to my sons memory box he enjoys his footy and had such a super time when the school team won the inter-high school was put together quickly and simply.I jotted in some of the highlights of the year..the big win...key Arsenal highlights...the new team...and oooh dare we mention it the World Cup!