Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Cards ..what do you think?

I am becoming a little more confident in creating cards..We are meeting this weekend and the plan is to create some cards as well as are some very simple beginnings from myself..Linz and Lou will be coming with some stampin up luxuries...thankyou girls.

Tasnims Wedding Keepsake card

'Wishes for you' keepsake cards lovely to create

I adore the shape of this template! I keep creating small albums and keepsake cards with it.I've a couple more creations coming with the beach in mind!!I'm hoping a trip to Saltburn and Whitby will inspire me to complete my beach and seashore projects I've had them cut out and prepared for a long time!The annual leave coming up will enable me time to scrapbook some family memories and complete these beach albums..a big thankyou to Tasnim for putting to use my first keepsake card in this Lily Kate cardstock by basic is so delicate with soft and subtle shades..I have to admit I've had a little stash of it but the 6 x 6 is now coming to an end, I'll be surfing the net..or perhaps have to use my 'two scoops!' (Basic Grey cardstock fans will know where I'm coming from on this)

Albums using K and co cardstock with a shabby chic theme

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Immaculates album ....

Immaculates album is completed, packed and ready to be shipped to Uganda.God bless her and all at Watoto.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Discovering Tilda!

I've become attached to little Tilda! how crazy this stamping is..I have completed my first ever Tilda creation with Immaculate in mind this is the progress with her album...I have made it bright and breezy with room for her own pictures and will show the finished product later as it will be completed and sent to Watoto by the end of the month..I received a letter from her teacher some months ago and am so desperate to reply but wanted to complete her album first..

mums words of wisdom

Read this today....needed a little reminder ..that life is what you make some aspects of life feel pretty rotten at the moment.In my teens mum always sent me some clever and kind prose for birthdays...and you know you always need a reminder of those comforting words some weeks..this is at the back of my first ever scrapbooking album entited 'you can only give to others what you have inside yourself'

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


My pal Louise and her stampin buddies and myself and a couple of my buddies ...and a lovely new buddy Joy... met last week at a Stampin up workshop in Leeds.I am starting to get into these products they're gorgeous the colours of paper and ink pads co-ordinate and the stamp sets are lovely! visit Lou's blogspot for more info Linda and I carried on creating this weekend workshop..with baby in mind ... and the next workshop here is Saturday 2nd August 1p.m 'till 4 or 5 ish..I'm hoping to look at making cards as inspired by Lou. Linz and Stampin up of course!
I'm also a little happy as I sneaked a craft session in with a group at work! it covered all agenda's of course.. but this felt like a real achievement and pleasure was a little bit under the radar though!
The mums loved creating keepsake boxes and some chose books...sometimes its so much easier to talk and support each other when doing something with your hands.. and the items were all so lovely to take home and call your own! More of this please!

Celebrating graduations

I recently created two albums and my friend snapped them up it's lovely to find that something you created was just what someone wanted! Here's a glimpse of these two graduation albums.

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