Sunday, 18 May 2008

Our canal run

Just about every weekend K and I have some time out for a bit of a run.It's our sounding off time and a time to take in the sights of the season..we've pottered around a few places and this weekend I think we saw the saw the full bloom of spring and a sprinkle of was beautful.

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Monday, 5 May 2008

I'm all pre holiday ....

My holiday in Tunis is nearing..I am a very lucky girl. My bags have been sat in the bedroom for the past two or three weeks (not packed I must add..just there as a little reminder)...yes i'm excited!My boys will be here at home whilst I scoot off on an adventure!
This Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day...Linda came over and she created her first ever scrapbooking page...Well done Linda it looks great.Our next scrapbooking get together and workshop day will be 7th June we will be creating personal scrapbooking page/s and as usual there will be a cuppa, some good company and plenty of resources available.

Personalize it...

I created these 8x8 with a harmonious and blissful theme. I started to create the tags and pannels to go into it but have stopped as I so want them to be personlized.I haven't personalized anything for anyone for a long time now so my plan is to auction them both for Watoto over the coming months and give potential purchasers a choice of tags and pannels... we'll see how this goes.I'm looking forward to completing them with that in mind.

Theories on Motherhood revisited

I thought I'd post this little album.I started it a few weeks ago when in a bit of a reflective mood!It isn't quite complete... my favourite page is the final one in which I've hand written one of my favourite little sayings "without change there would be no butterflies" I was thoughtful about the times of difficulty I'd overcome, the hidden emotions and aspects of me I'd accepted and how i'd evolved as a person through being a mum... I found myself perusing over some old photos remembering some of my thoughts and emotions at those times and I started to journal straight onto a template I have on my computer.I kept the journalling positive and from the perspective of what I'd learnt about was lovely to do.. really self affirming!