Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tidy Craft Room Tidy Mind!

I've reorganised the craft room! although my son and hubby are relieved my passion and debris are not spreading around the house they often remind me this room was not supposed to be i thank them once again for their patience and looks great, all organised with a great surface at the right height to work on... and apart from a dubious 'floating'shelf that may come away from the wall and succumb to the laws of gravity shortly (we never have luck with mounting shelves not cut out for DIY only cut out for crafting)is really practical....and Julia my noticeboard is up at long last! Time to get ready for my constitutional run with K back to the craft room later..

A scrumptious celebration album

My most recent project i've a had a little extra time to spend on.I will be posting it out on Monday.With a little more time the detail you can add to an album is endless, however, it now feels just right.It floral fantasy in scrumptious pastel and sherbet pastel colours...the last of my Basic Grey gypsy Romani collection with a little bit of Lily Kate... I must find some more of this gorgeous paper! a photo is coming once i've posted and know the album has been given to it's recipient.These 8 x 8 celebration albums are a sheer pleasure to create and all individually created with someone special in mind.I've bound this one differently by adding an additional 1 inch and using metal posts as in the large Prom album.

large album

Recently i created a large prom album for a lady who'd purchased a small album from me.She gave me a challenge of creating something on a budget a lot larger (10 x 12)than i usually do.. here are some snaps of this album before the photographs were mounted. Thankyou Adele I loved creating this for you.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Edinburgh Festival

This weekend we had our annual short break to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe and Festival.It was great!Rather than creating a few scrapbooking pages in my album I've brought back flyers and mags to create an album for scrapbooking thoughts and reflections on our experiences.There'll be room to revisit these every year in this album Chella loves his comedy and we were well and truly comedied out infact i sought a little sanctuary in a few art galleries as my brain was buzzing. I hope to post the album later on this month.
I'm off for a whole week and have some albums that i'm looking forward to creating for i'm immersing myself in crafting having heaven for the next few days(although have to fit in some home DIY and decorating in between trips to heaven!)

Creative hours

There are often just not enough hours in the day to be as creative as i'd like to be...which to me is probably the real sign that to work part time sometime very soon and focus more on my passion and what i really love to do has to happen.Now i've written this i'm committed to this decision it's just the plans around doing it that have to come...and completing this card at 2 a.m in the morning reminds me that my creative mind comes first and just will not sleep until listened to and acted upon..