Sunday, 30 December 2012

THe PaPerBag aLbUm

For my New Years Project I'm going to create a new look paper bag album inspired by Kathy Krieger...I've created two templates in slightly different sizes two sizes from demonstrations she did in 2011.Kathy is avaialable on U STREaM, YouTUbe, and her blog is here....she's pretty amazing and her albums and the way she uses a lot of the paper ranges really inspiring.Of particular interest to me is the different ways to bind paper bag albums and binding in general of journals,books and albums.So I'm hoping to focus on this a little as I create my first few albums of the year. Binding with Kathy Krieger.Photographs of the completed albums will eventually go on my Magical Memory Albums blogspot.

Friday, 28 December 2012

A New Year and a new creative adventure

2013 is nearly here and creating my albums will be as important as ever to me.They are the way I celebrate life and pass on this joy on to others.To celebrate the new year and to refocus my creativity I will be posting the ideas and inspiration on this blogspot. Completed albums will be celebrated on my magical memory albums blogspot