Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sweet Pea 'Winter magic Albums'

At last i've managed to get the slideshow of these gorgeous little creations on the blogspot....I loved creating these they've a scrumptious magical and shabby chic feel to them lots of different textures in a most of them with prima and fabric flowers, embossed and flocked papers really yummy.

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

December albums to browse

Another smilebox slideshow is coming please email me with any queries.Thankyou and enjoy...

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Friendship albums

A special keepsake for a special work colleague...Happy Birthday Pat..
I have some Christmas themed albums very simular to this i love this layout ... it is simple but so effective for keepsaking in...

Joe's special album is complete

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Special Keepsake Album for JOE

Here is the basic layout outline for Joe's Friendship Album.It uses his favourite colour..red and 'school/grad days' design of DCWV cardstock.All 6 x 6 mounts have open tops so items can be stored inside and i'll be notching them so they look like like pockets and as you can see they are large enough on which to mount photo's if desired.The album is his mum's idea and such a super way of keepsaking for her son as his moves through a transition in life.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Completed New York Album

It's been such a pleasure creating this album and thankyou to fluff for the extra distressing ...Kirst you know what i mean here!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Progress with our New York Album project.

Following the plan we had made i've now started a basic layout for each page using the photo's.

step 1. choose colour combination carefully to reflect colour in the photo's particularly like the hot pink in a skirt worn and this is key to this album being for the person wearing the pink!and the boys in their blues,greens and Khakis.So neutrals with black and a hint of hot pink throughout with a splash of designed paper that picks out the city backdrops and parks.Also a block layout in keeping with a geometric theme with just a hint of a journalling feel from adding a binding edging.All in keeping with what we discussed earlier to reflect the personality and sentiment the album hopes to hold.

step 2. Front Cover. Not yet complete but basics are there.....

step3.Mount photo's and provisionally layout basic pages.Keep it simple and ensure the elements can be moved around and adjusted as there is plenty more to add to the page!.

step 4. Add the key feature of 'the map' embellishment carefully matching each bit of new york to the page as planned......before embellishing any further.

step5. Carefully look at where the sentiment will go, stamp the sentiments and mount as appropriate.

step 6.add the paper and memorabilia distressing and inking/stmaping and tearing this pieces to give them a collage feel.Stick them underneath on the basic page...see it's a good job those initial photo's and layout elements were not stuck down in the first instance...but it was still important to know where they were going to lie! (this can be the fiddliest bit but it's important if you've a plan to in some way stick to it ...not always my strong point being a free flow creative! but i can do it especially when it's for someone else!)

more piccies to follow..................

Sunday, 31 October 2010

New York Project - The process

K and I have sat and planned a very special album today.... I hope to post more information about the process as i will be completing this album over the next 2 weeks.We spent all morning sorting and reminiscing over K's trip to new york, with a mutual friend and her two boys, 'the trip of a lifetime' it was and we are creating an album to give as a birthday gift mid November.The album is predominantly made up of tickets, programmes and maps with photographs mounted on the ecclectic mix of memories....i don't know New York and already feel as if i'm getting to now my way around!I'm hoping my posting about this project will share with you the process of what goes into one of my bespoke album.

Step 1.We have given each page a theme around a 'moment or place' and cut up and sorted all the memorabilia relating to the moment or place into little bags of 'stuff' labelled for each page.

Step 2. We have sat and browsed all my sentiment stamps choosing heartfelt sentiments that reflect the emotins evoked by the memories.

Step 3 We have chosen geometric shapes and steely blue's greys and some greens to reflect the streets/avenues of new york and the buildings,statues, parks and water.

Step 4. I've sketched out each page layout and given a key to which photo's go on which page alongside where on that map of new york those moments relate to ....its a real who, what and where.

Watch out for more about this project it's going to be such a pleasure sharing this.

Sweet pea toppers

I'm hoping to create a journal and small album from 2 of these lovely embellishments i put together last week ........

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Ching Chou Sweet Pea images

Mmmmmm this stamp is so lovely to colour in I'm mounting the images but am not sure whether to create some notebook covers with them or cards............watch this space.....

Halloween Treat

Sooooo Cute.. i've 2 more ...i am just binding them See my side bar of slideshows to see all albums.

I am creating some albums to order at the moment but am up to speed so am going to treat myself to creating two little Halloween paper bag albums today with my cute Magnolia Halloween Tilda's! so watch this space, photo's to post later.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Journey Shared Blogspot

I am trying something new...... a sister blogspot http://thejourneyshared-cazamataz.blogspot.com/
This new blogspot aims to create a space on line for journalling and self development wheras this one will be more focused on sharing my scrapbooking creations.x