Sunday, 17 January 2010

"9 lives Jazz"

My kitten Jazz has fully recovered...she went missing today...i felt like i'd revisited that horrible feeling you get when you loose your toddler in the supermarket...I've only just braved letting her out for short periods after the snowy weather and she wandered a little further than usual today. It was only a matter of half an hour or so before i found her.........

Adventure Album and Journals

I created this very one of a kind personalised album for a friend and her partner to chart their adventures..I loved it my friend chose from the stash of sentiment stamps and I hand stamped some special sentiment she wanted in the album what a pleasure this was.I was soooo enjoying this whole concept i then went on to create two simular sized one of a kind journals to auction on ebay.I'm enjoying this simple A5 template and am going to stick with this for a while creating some arty fairie and mermaid themed pieces as i've handcoloured some beautiful images i'm just aching to use..

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Project 2009-2010

Last year i created a simple calendar and had the goal of taking a photograph a month for a year and then making a mini album (take a link back to the blogspot post for December 2008-January 2009 and you'll see the pages of the calendar).Here we are in 2010 and I've just about finished the project, here is the album.I simply cut the top piece of my calender with my photo on and mounted it onto an A5 sized cardstock page (12 in total with a cover in some family themed scrapbooking paper)and then used my bind it all to put it all together ( i even used the same bind it all owire that held the calendar together).Then i used my favourite punch (stampin up label )and some scraps and embellis i had to decorate.I've made plenty of space for journalling and jotting down new shared family goals for 2010 behind the photo's and on the back of the pages i've just a few more flowers and buttons to add.Bring it on 2010....

Friday, 1 January 2010

Jazz Cat is back

My little kitten is on her second cat life! ( the first one K and I witnessed as she climbed onto the bedroom window ledge and then adopted the stance of a flying squirrel kitten and landed in a little bush in the front garden!)She is now back from the vets after having surgery to remove an earplug from her tummy....yes an earplug.. ooooh its been an emotional 4 days, she was so poorly the day after boxing day.My son and i suspected she had swallowed something strange..we had seen remnants of an earlplug and had spent 2 weeks trying to take them off her and hide them.... the earplugs are mine and i use them to block out the buzz of the outside world when needing a deep sleep! i felt pretty bad about her managing to get one again. She has had a strange attraction to sponge and foam.I'm watching her like a hawk now and getting some pet insurance as i'm imagining she is going to be full of surprises.

Happy new year

A new year brings endless opportunities to weave joy and happiness into the fabric of life ! Enjoy this coming year xxxxx