Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Carnival it

Every year we 'Carnival it'... it reminds us of where we started our life in Leeds and I love it. I've created a slideshow from the snaps I've salvaged from over the years...
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Scrapbooking 'teens' had this nice article on scrapbooking your child's teenage years..I liked it as I've had a problem getting any shots of my son for a while now and the unrepeatable gestures and retaliations from him if i try a sneaky shot are at the best slightly amuzing and at the worst a whole day in ruins...he is a great teenager and I'm learning so these hints and tips and observations were intersting I thought Lou might like a look for some hints and tips for her 'nearly teenager'.I tried to pop the link in my links but it hasn't worked properly yet so here it is again.

Football crazy

Yes the football season is about to are my little Arsenal and Brazil Edwins...inspired and guided by hubby and son's passion for the game.

I've completed my Challenge

Yep i did it Lou and Linz..Here are my cards that I devoted much of Saturday this weekend to... loved creating them and especially a special one for a friend at work to celebrate a special event for her grandson. I've got a buzz for a little challenge are anymore coming up?

Friday, 15 August 2008

Augusts Albums

These albums were created with further personalisation in mind.I've left tags and pannels less complete so as to be completed by the individual themselves.I do however, love making them more 'bespoke' on behalf of someone else.....its making them truly one of a kind like each person that makes these a real joy to continue to create...

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Making a paper bag album

I hope this makes creating a paper bag album a little clearer, especially for the lady who contacted me via ebay.Instructions are not a strength of mine I'm a bit of a freeflow creator but here we go!

Gather all your bits and pieces together...well the basic ideas about what you'd like to include like favourite stamped images, tags, diamonte's flowers.You can sketch out the design of your album before you start this can be very useful for larger albums.I often do this if creating an album for someone and it is to be highly personlised.

Cut out pages to the dimensions of the paper bag.I often cut out firm cardstock pages on which to put simular sized decorated paper/cardstock this makes a very sturdy book almost like a board book and ideal for younger children's keepsake album(they'll tolerate being handled a lot and this makes revisting and adding more photo's and memorabilia even more pleasurable).Alternatively you can make a pretty good album just adding either decorated cardstock or scrapbooking papers (slightly firmer than your average A4)directly to the paper bag.

Here I hope to be showing you the general way the pages and the paperbag work together..does it help?

Stick your decorated pages to your paper bag with double sided tape.You can embellish further once the pages are stuck but any slots and brads or eyelet decoration has to be completed before you stick.I leave plenty of space on my pages as my hope is that they will be personaised with photographs and personal memorabilia.

Remember to stick your pages on to your bags with the paper bag opening is the outer side to the page and allows the owner of the album to store all sorts of bits in the album.You can alternate the open and closed bag ends in your pages if you wish.

Once your pages are are decorated and stuck to your paper bag with double sided tape you are ready to bind them together.

Punch holes for bindings on each page.This can is time consuming..but is quite relaxing to do..simply measure out carefully the front page hole markings and then punch this first.Then use that page as a template for positioning of the holes on the other pages.I have all sorts of tools for binding but you know a simple single hole punch from the stationers does the trick well.

Finally use ribbon to bind pages together through punched holes,add fibres and co-ordinating ric rac of choice.

The Tilda and Edwin Challenge- progress!

Lou set myself and Linz a wee challenge to get us creating with a bit of focus! I've managed 5 of my 10 cards here's my favourite Edwin... but ccreating with these stamps is such a pleasure they're adorable.I've made a couple of albums as well I couldn't help it!