Saturday, 26 June 2010

National Armed Forces Day

I created a paper bag album to be usd to scrapbook moments from an armed forces march for a friend who is passionate about keepsaking and sharing the joy possible in giving these little albums as gfts.Lexi and her mummy put an almost blank album to such creative use scrapbooking the big and small moments of 'a daddy's day'... he loved it and they loved creating it.I've created another album ready to be personalised in memory of National Armed Forces Day..i'm always deeply saddenned that so many very young lives and families have had their lives so very drammatically changed by the events out there....god bless them all and keep them safe.A photo will follow.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Woodlands Summer fayre

It was a lovely day Saturday, Kirsty and I participated in a summer fayre at Woodlands Primary School. It was reminiscent of those Sure Start days Kirsty .....
Thankyou to Lorna and her sister Hayley...all the lovely children and staff who supported us by participating in our mobile lucky dip... we met some lovley people Sue and Jan either side of our stall were fountains of knowledge ...i hope to be getting more involved in this sort of event.If you are interested a few little bargains to try out scrapbooking in the paper bag albums then try ebay under OOAK albums there are so many there and i pop some on sometimes so enjoy.........I will be continuing to support WATOTO throught my album sales at events this summer.