Monday, 26 January 2009

Whizzy weekend

Time has whizzed by this weekend...I've gotten up early to keep being as productive as last week!... i'm wondering how long I can sustain this level of activity for but for now I'm celebrating the fact that I managed to create the 'fluffier bow' that Bev had a link to on her blog spot..alhtough I need a little more practice it did not look like Bevs gorgeous one (I've not figured out how to include her link in the text here but her blog will be in my favourites) .. and I've been colouring in my Magnolia and Bear-iations stamps feverishly....Hubby and son are wondering what I'm turning into.So in between cooking, shopping, cinema,the footy run and sunday lunch here are some of my creations...I've a couple of albums in my thoughts and have a day off in February so hope to be able to create two Tilda albums again...and the small keepsakes I'm reminded of for my nieces Tionge and Nana (sorry Mayase they will get to you soon).

Magnolia challenge

I've done the best to create a card for this challenge but do not have many accessories or little animal pals for my Tilda and Edwins... just Tilda's and Edwins!
So this card I created with my hubby and son in mind as they both won their football matches this weekend... they are my Champs and are so patient with me and my crafting obsession...thankyou boys.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

This weeks card challenge

This card is for the magnolia card challenge for this week.The ribbon embelli is a "ribbon Bow" and nI've set a velvet prima plower and brad on top of it and flattened it ...I want to perfct a larger 'fluffier' version of this ribbon bow and so am hard at work with various versions trying to perfect it! Any suggestions would be welcome.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pyjama day

I really needed a pyjama day....... soooo many other things needed to be done in the house but I had to have one! What a treat being completeley emersed in colouring, cutting out and sticking..of course all the housework still needs doing but do you know I feel sooooo relaxed and managed to stay in my pyjamas until 4pm!I am not going to rationalise it I just had to have it ...refreshed for another week...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My first Challenge for the Magnolia Challenge blogspot

Here we go... I created a hanging heart for this challenge a gift of thanks for a dear friend I've left the top open as I plan to put a small bar of chocolate in there...I hope I'm successful at posting this to the challenge blogspot.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

memorable holiday moments

So o.k this is not a flattering photograph but this is my jollyest memory from the christmas holiday.. it was a simply great evening with my son and his pal making cocktails...I'm sworn to a major privacy statement to never post photographs of him on my blogspot which I have to honour or life would be very difficult for me! but this is me looking rather strange hey..
What fun it was watching them and then enjoying the fruits of their labours (they were really nice drinks!)...this was my first one!(I think) and I made homemade icecream for the first time on the same night a taste tickling evening...Thanks boys.


Loved creating these quite large 12 x 5" HAPPY albums from a Bo Bunny Template I purchased.I've bound the bottom album (made out of Basic grey 'scarlets letter' with my bind it all and the Far East cardstock album is secured with blue book rings.I spent hours creating the flowers out of a cuttlebug die it was an absolute pleasure putting them together... I had a fest with the oriental theme and used a few of my stamps and the embellis on the other album were a medley of flowers co-ordinating with cardstock .. I loved doing them...they really are 'Happy' albums I may auction one on ebay later for Watoto but at the moment am still enjoying just looking at them!

A completed planner for the magnolia challenge cards

So here we go with my first goal for 2009 to complete some card challenges get to grips with 'colouring in' those images and dare to put them in to be viewed by others!Here is my gift to myself a 'sparkly sweet card planner' to keep the cards in.Its an OTT girly sparkley one and I loved all that glitter! finished off with a large brad and a treasury tag to close it.