Monday, 25 February 2008

completing my first sculpts

She has evolved......This water Sylph is a cheeky fast moving little spirit created with the water sign of pisces in mind and the celtic festivals of Imbolc and Beltane celebrated february through to March.'Sylph' are the spirit folk commonly associated with this time She has a shyer little friend I've called Smokie who nests in a little barnacle clad shell I'll post a little piccie later.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mermaids, water goddesses and sylphs

I've such a craze on these mythical creatures...I've been reading the little mermaid it's quite a sad story and so is the celtic tale of Sinann but these gorgeous little spirits journey on interwoven into tales that are apparent throughout all of the centuries.I'm really wanting to add to that and 'celebrate the sea spirit...'
I've created some lovely creatures in polymer clay. It is exciting and pretty time consuming learning the art of armiture making, sculpting, adding eyes /ears and hands... ooooh the hands have taken such a long time thankyou to my buddy Dawn for guiding me with them.... the cooking is a little scarey I'm so scared I may end up with a singed product!

Sinann water goddess

I've just pre baked her she's so OOAK

The wonders of creating polymer clay fairies

I'm at the beginning of learning how to sculpt with polymer clay....I've created a couple of 'chatty little fairies' in fimo as a starter.I must thank Gemma from ebay for parting with a few of her items..I'm sorry she isn't able to sculpt the fairies anymore but am in awe of the reborn work she does anyway thankyou these lovely little fairies would not have been the same without their lovely wings and hair.

my first fairie sculpts

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Friendship albums for viewing

Inspired by Art...

I've started to alter a little book I purchased from a charity shop... It came about as a project for this evening... and had a little therepeutic value..Last week and the week before had not been the best weeks at work in history but Thursday I found myself having my lunch break in Saltaire and had a peruse around the gallery there.. it was like a little Oasis in the middle of my desert. I'd written a journal entry about it and then thought it was time to start and decorate this little book and add some snippets/copies of art work by artist I feel a real connection with... I started with J W Waterhouse.. Ophelia I haven't finished the pages yet but this is my little art journal!! There's always a little bit of light and sparkle no matter what sort of week your having you just have to stand still enough and breathe to find it....

My Boys all grown up

Melu is 15 years old on the 24th of February....I cannot believe I'm the mother of a teenager..I can still actually remember being one myself..and what a rebelious one I was I'm trying to be understanding but anyone who has been there or is in the throws of coping with a young man or woman well into adolescence knows how trying it can be or should I say IS.

Saturday I met with my scrapbooking buddies Lou and Linz (my inspiration also!)and they had completed Shimelle's project 'worth a thousand words' so inspired I thought instead of a small photograph album of last year activities with friends I'd create 'a little story about a boy..who' and here it is I've gathered photo's going back 15 years and brought the album up to date thith the latest picture of The Afro ... The Afro is going to be a keepsake in its own right I can tell you....

Forever and Always

I have used lots of my 7 gypsies bits and pieces in this chipboard album I'm entitling forever and Always.I selected a few photos from the past and just started cuttignand sticking.I used my ranger distress inks and some great journal jewellrey and have it all just about bound for valentines day. My Chell is a good one he puts up with my perpetual crafting and burnt pans not to mention my late nights when I'm a little obsessed and lost in my book making.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Two little albums of love

I've just created two of these wee albums , loved the quotes and then thought I'd go for different styles a warm vintaged style and sassy hot pink one.I did have valentines day in mind but have created a special 6 x 6 for my hubby and these two are now on ebay I hope someone enjoys giving them to a special someone.I've some simular 4 x 4 friendship albums as soon as create them they seem to find good homes but I'm going to get the two I made last month onto the blog spot.Photographs look great in these little albums too... in an earlier posting I put quite a lot in an album I made for my son's friend but in the ones with quotes one carefully selected photo per page or even just one at the beginning of the album is just as effective and not over the top!

amor album

love and kisses album