Sunday, 21 October 2007

keepsake envelopes

Hi I've created some more of these lovely envelopes for christmas but here are the first prototypes.You can finish them with a coat of varnish and use them as paperwork keepsake storage or in scrapbook pages to store allsorts..children's school reports, hopes and dreams, moment and event memories, secrets, marriage and birth certificates the possibilities are endless..They are great to make as you can use so many different techniques.I use embossing to give different textures, coloured and mettalic spray mists to give sheen and vary colour, inks and chalks alongside stamped images and decoupage.I like to add a place to make a note of the date and perhaps a few lines to describe something if you want to on the top of the envelope.A lovely lady purchased two of these from me on ebay and was so complementary about them that I went on to create more... I'd like to thank her for that kind encouraging feedback can be so inspiring and motivating.

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