Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A Happy New Year

What a lovely christmas time it has been.... quite a relaxing time and I've been able to take stock and get some creative ideas together for for 2008!I am excited about sharing them as the months progress. It has also been a time for reflecting on the lovely relationships I have with my friends and family..I feel so very lucky and thankful to them all.. to my mum and sister my lovely pal Linda and her family, my running buddy and 'sounding board' Kirsty and of course Chel, my rock! and sooo many more lovely people.
Here is a little book created as a gift for my son's childhood friend.. they have known each other since pre school and it was a joy putting together sassy little shots of them in this album..Cheeky moments in the school nativity play... a nursery photo around the sand pit and evidence they were the masters of funny face pulling on trips out especially whenever I insisted on taking a photo ! and now into their adolescent years I see two lovely young men at the beginning of the next stage of their journey... I just love standing still long enough to register all the changes that pass and the way individuals adapt grow and evolve through life..it is pretty amazing whilst at the same time being so simple... after all it simply happens! well any parent might argue it isn't quite as simple as that...! I plan to carry on standing still long enough to appreciate all the love that has gone into supporting that change in others and myself throughout 2008!

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