Friday, 6 June 2008

Remembering my great Tunis adventure

Its coming to the end of my first week back at work...and I'm wallowing in a glow of remembering and reflecting on my Tunisian experiences..there were many and they were pretty varied!I enjoyed it all and have to say felt it was a cosseted baptism back into the adventuring spirit..thanks to Kelle, Charity and Mose. I used to tumble through two or three travelling adventures a year as a young woman! and now with less of an adrenaline rush,going at a slower pace, taking in the sights, sounds and valuing the people that make the experiences so real, adventures are just as colourful and refreshing! loved it.Here are a selection of snaps and I am creating a small adventure journal out of a very simple template that I'll be posting later to inspire any keepsakers eager to capture the energy in any life adventure!

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