Wednesday, 30 July 2008

'Wishes for you' keepsake cards lovely to create

I adore the shape of this template! I keep creating small albums and keepsake cards with it.I've a couple more creations coming with the beach in mind!!I'm hoping a trip to Saltburn and Whitby will inspire me to complete my beach and seashore projects I've had them cut out and prepared for a long time!The annual leave coming up will enable me time to scrapbook some family memories and complete these beach albums..a big thankyou to Tasnim for putting to use my first keepsake card in this Lily Kate cardstock by basic is so delicate with soft and subtle shades..I have to admit I've had a little stash of it but the 6 x 6 is now coming to an end, I'll be surfing the net..or perhaps have to use my 'two scoops!' (Basic Grey cardstock fans will know where I'm coming from on this)

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