Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Scrapbooking 'teens' had this nice article on scrapbooking your child's teenage years..I liked it as I've had a problem getting any shots of my son for a while now and the unrepeatable gestures and retaliations from him if i try a sneaky shot are at the best slightly amuzing and at the worst a whole day in ruins...he is a great teenager and I'm learning so these hints and tips and observations were intersting I thought Lou might like a look for some hints and tips for her 'nearly teenager'.I tried to pop the link in my links but it hasn't worked properly yet so here it is again.

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Louise said...

That's great! I think I might need a zoom lense! The poems are lovley too. Especially the Mean parents. That's Faye all over.I'd love 'A teenage Years' book for Faye. Think that could be my next project.

See you next Saturday. Think I'm on my own, Linz can't make it.
Lou x