Saturday, 13 December 2008

It seems like ages!

I've not posted for a couple of weeks (seems like longer)...n have been poorly these past few days (mind due I now have a bursting desire to do everything at 100 miles an hour after being laid up for a day or two!)Anyway I'm on the up and up now and hoping to go to York this afternoon with K and Paula(festival of angels is also on this weekend so should be lovely ) I've found a great template for a box for 4 x 4 books on melz stampz such a great blogspot..and will post piccies of my 4 x 4 albums of joy in there boxes over the next week or so.My Tinker bell books are complete and I have managed to hand make all my cards this year ...can't believe it just have to post them now!Loved our crafty get together last weekend Linda, Linz,Lou and Leah thanks for coming over.I'm going to have a re hash of my blogspot in the new year and get focused again!

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