Friday, 19 June 2009

warm weekend wishes..

The end of a tiring week...and how wonderful it is to simply sit here look out at the sun trying to peek through the clouds...its warm... my garden is covered in gorgeous fox gloves and the clemetis is about to is summer.So before i scoot off for my constitutional run with K i'm sending warm weekend wishes to the world!
Chel is so good at caring for the garden at this time of the year.He returned form a footy tournament last week only to man the mower maitain the garden! Some TLC in the garden might be a good idea however we have stumbled across some 'wildlife' over the past few warm weekends and if it were perhaps less wild they may not feel at home!.We had a cheeky little hedghog one night who wanted to join us for a BBQ and a frog that seemed stuck in the railway sleeper and posed for me as i took his photo..he escaped later never to be seen again... i felt 5 years old again as i excitedly grabbed my camera to take the photo's...that childhood fascination comes rushing back no matter how old you get.

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