Sunday, 31 October 2010

New York Project - The process

K and I have sat and planned a very special album today.... I hope to post more information about the process as i will be completing this album over the next 2 weeks.We spent all morning sorting and reminiscing over K's trip to new york, with a mutual friend and her two boys, 'the trip of a lifetime' it was and we are creating an album to give as a birthday gift mid November.The album is predominantly made up of tickets, programmes and maps with photographs mounted on the ecclectic mix of memories....i don't know New York and already feel as if i'm getting to now my way around!I'm hoping my posting about this project will share with you the process of what goes into one of my bespoke album.

Step 1.We have given each page a theme around a 'moment or place' and cut up and sorted all the memorabilia relating to the moment or place into little bags of 'stuff' labelled for each page.

Step 2. We have sat and browsed all my sentiment stamps choosing heartfelt sentiments that reflect the emotins evoked by the memories.

Step 3 We have chosen geometric shapes and steely blue's greys and some greens to reflect the streets/avenues of new york and the buildings,statues, parks and water.

Step 4. I've sketched out each page layout and given a key to which photo's go on which page alongside where on that map of new york those moments relate to ....its a real who, what and where.

Watch out for more about this project it's going to be such a pleasure sharing this.

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