Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lou's Butterfly Album

Lou's Butterfly Album is more than a project it's something 'very special from our hearts'.Here we are pictured above a few years altogether at Lou's... crafting and stamping away merrily.

Lou is the precious gal who introduced Linz and I to 'proper scrapbooking'.I do not think I would have been making my albums if hadn't been for our Lou.We all met whilst working in a Surestart project, all doing different roles, (integrated teams don't only benefit families!we were drawn together by the crafting bug).If there is ever a group gals that could generate a frenzy around colourful papers and what you could make out of a kitchen roll inner it was us three!.Lou always has so many ideas and talents to share....she is a big sharer with an enormous heart.She is also the kindest, mellowed out lass I've ever had the pleasure to know with a sense of humour about everyday stuff that brings a smile to your face and got folks chuckling...she is a strong spirit and has weathered a lot of adversity and still had the energy to support others ..... we love her so much she is a 'one of a kind' person!

Lou is unwell and is on a bumpy journey of recovery and we do not know when we will be able to see her... so we are creating Lou's Butterfly Album to celebrate all that we/people love about her and to include memories of what she loves to.Then we will get the album to her as soon as possible so she can have something in hospital to let her know we are sending her love... which in time we hope will help her recovery.

I am hoping to share this process so as in true 'Lou style' anyone else wanting to create such an album can do so.Linz and I will also be emailing and leaving links for people so as they might participate and send love to Lou in the album if they would like.
1. We chose paper we know Lou loves ...yep Lou it's Basic Grey...this ones "Gypsy" i just know you'd have to put it in your stash and stroke the packet for a few months but Linz and I have broken the cellophane wrap!and we're gonna use it squeel!(squeels of delight)

2.We are using Lou's technique for a symmetrical butterfly.....fold the paper in half, in this case a piece of 12 x 12 draw half your butterfly and cut out ......a perfect template.Then use it on chipboard for the covers and the paper stash your using for you pages.

3.Planning out pages..we thought of a variety of themes and we need other's help to get most of the pages off the ground.Lou is special to a lot of people so we are trying to get the message out there..." photo's and comments you want to send Lou emailed to or contact Linzi or myself for our adresses address if you have something to post."

4.Special family pages.We would love to make some special pages for Lou's family especially her two daughters...........we hope to be in touch about this.

5.We are planning to use a variety of methods, including collage, stamping and use of quotes and a few stamps and items/embellis we know Lou loves.When complete the strudy butterfly pages will be held together with a bookring so as pages can be taken out or the album added to.An upate will follow.

Everybody loves you Lou and are rootin' for you ...............

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