Friday, 1 January 2010

Jazz Cat is back

My little kitten is on her second cat life! ( the first one K and I witnessed as she climbed onto the bedroom window ledge and then adopted the stance of a flying squirrel kitten and landed in a little bush in the front garden!)She is now back from the vets after having surgery to remove an earplug from her tummy....yes an earplug.. ooooh its been an emotional 4 days, she was so poorly the day after boxing day.My son and i suspected she had swallowed something strange..we had seen remnants of an earlplug and had spent 2 weeks trying to take them off her and hide them.... the earplugs are mine and i use them to block out the buzz of the outside world when needing a deep sleep! i felt pretty bad about her managing to get one again. She has had a strange attraction to sponge and foam.I'm watching her like a hawk now and getting some pet insurance as i'm imagining she is going to be full of surprises.

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