Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Childhood Memory albums...

The last selection of 'childhood memory albums'........It's the time of year when children are getting their school uniforms ready...to return to school and  preschoolers are preparing for their first taste of reception class ...I rememberer it sooo well as if it were yesterday (although i have to admit i cannot remember what i did yesterday but i can remember those 'back to school days with my son'...call it old age!)...collecting memories from the school holidays and scrap booking them for my son was a great part of the 'breathing space and reflection before diving into a new school year...creating little albums to celebrate achievement and friendships and him just being him also a big part of motiviating him and working through change ...if you were to scroll through this blogspot you would find some..from years ago... Time goes so quickly for us adults as parents and children grow up and move through so many experiences....I'd love to give a few of these to all parents just to offer folks an opportunity to share in the joy keepsaking brings xxx

p.s. I did it this year as well with some photo's and am preparing an 'energetic montage' as a keepsake i'll post it sooon!...

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