Sunday, 10 February 2008

My Boys all grown up

Melu is 15 years old on the 24th of February....I cannot believe I'm the mother of a teenager..I can still actually remember being one myself..and what a rebelious one I was I'm trying to be understanding but anyone who has been there or is in the throws of coping with a young man or woman well into adolescence knows how trying it can be or should I say IS.

Saturday I met with my scrapbooking buddies Lou and Linz (my inspiration also!)and they had completed Shimelle's project 'worth a thousand words' so inspired I thought instead of a small photograph album of last year activities with friends I'd create 'a little story about a boy..who' and here it is I've gathered photo's going back 15 years and brought the album up to date thith the latest picture of The Afro ... The Afro is going to be a keepsake in its own right I can tell you....

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