Saturday, 28 August 2010

Minis that remind me i'm a mum

I browsed through these two minis , i've lots of them i tend to create them from paper bags and there are quite a few in my blog entries ...I created these some time ago and they remind me 'i am still a mum' son is so grown up know it great for him and part of my journey to 'let him go' but right now i do miss that little boy who was so eager to have me as his play pal and depended on me...This 4 x 4 mini i made this time last year when he'd done his exams and was moving into sixth form ...the other is an a5 project over quite a few years where i followed one of Shimelle's classes it is crammed with thoughts and reflections on things that evoked emotion in my son over the years... i sooo love looking at shows him loving his chocolate Lebinz biscuits..him actually looking relaxed..i snapped him multi tasking once with the phone cocked under his chin whilst he tried to get his socks on still wrapped in his duvet but arranging to go out with his friends (he spends more time wrapped in the duvet than clothed!) and him walking away but keeping his temper when i made him walk with me! There's such a lot of journalling in here from me and i hope it'll be in his keepsake box forever and give him a few laughs when he is forty!
I have one i must finish for him.. a football one ...he loves his football and i've some great piccies i must put in the album i created a couple of months ago ...i thnk this bank holiday i may just take a break and do that one...I love being a mum..

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