Saturday, 28 August 2010

I need my rose tinted spectacles

My son turns 18 next birthday...i feel a little reflective as he has been on my mind a lot recently.... there is some hard work ahead regarding him applying himself to his A level courses ...My hubby and i are so lucky to be able to be in some sort of position to support him he is our only one... i feel a little sad when i analyse the present job market, the expense of living and the inequity there is regarding those that are financially and socially advantaged and those that are less advantaged...i see it every day at work ...I tend to see the world through rose tinted spectacles.. it has always been my saviour and allowed me to avoid cynicism and burnout... there are some amazing examples of those who do so well regardless of some awful situations but it is soooo hard for them.... if i could have my wishcasting wednesday again i would wish to fill them with optimisim and aspirations for the future... to be all they want to be or do all what they want to do or simply see what a great job they are doing regardless of the terrible time they might be having...I wish the government could see what they are doing though i am trying not to slide in negativeness but the present climate is going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of very vulnerable sections of society and i'm seeing it start now.

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