Tuesday, 12 October 2010

wishcasting wednesday


What do you wish to fly free from?
I love so much of my simple life and am sooooooo grateful for it i like being grounded by those i love and being totally absorbed in anything creative ...........there is never enough time to be as creative as i would like.Recently my plans to work less hours have gone on hold until i know more about how the government cuts on public sector and the nhs will effect my little family... However flying free from fear and indecision is something i would like to do.
I am going to waffle on a little now and indulge myself in a reminiscent ramble of my journey around fear and indecision.
Again i'm conscious there has to be a balance here as i'm no adrenaline junky! I seem to have done a full circle as regards fear! As a young child i was pretty fearful and a lot of my emotion around fear, from what i can remember, originates from there... my decisions were never mine to make everything was decided for me ....however i was completely 'fearless as a teenager....phewww....the risks i took... i cringe with fear sometimes just thinking about them but i remind myself that my guardian angel must have been looking out for me as i'm still here. I was pretty decisive but those decisions were hastly made and the consquences not fully understood! Becoming a mum saw fear rise to the frontline of my life...making the right decisions for someone so precious in those early years, for all sorts of reasons,was sooo difficult and my greatest fear was the fear of losing the most precious of all things to a mother....and of losing my mind! (i've a much earlier entry on my blogspot around the creation of a little album about 'motherhood' this came about as a result of my releasing some of these feelings!) I struggled 'to do the right thing' being so aware and pondering the many 'potential' consequences of my actions and decisions as a mum ...
So here i am a 45 year old woman with all these life experiences to aid me make sound decisions in life i'm in the best place ever to make 'good decisions' so can release any fears i have about it!

I wish to fly free of the feeling of 'fear' and be more decisive about the actions i need to take to have more of what i love in my life.


Sarah Lulu said...

As fearless Carol wishes for herself I so lovingly wish this for her also. xx

GlendaM said...

As Carol wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well. Know that everything always has a way of working out for the best. Trust your instincts. Best wishes!

The Importance of Being Me said...

As Carol wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. Be freee!!!

lynna-g said...

Here's to flying free of fear and enjoying more of what you love. I am with you
As you wish for yourself so i wish for you also.
Big Hugs

Kim Switzer said...

As Carol wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well.

lori-b said...

As Carol wishes for herself so I wish for her as well....This is a very emotional subject for me , and I think of fearless living , every day, after being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. The fears that brings know no bounds , and I try and overcome them everyday . I too like you would like to have a better work life balance and that is my goal for 2011. my journey through life has been a rollercoster and althought the highs are amazing the lows are often too much to bear. so I am aiming for a tranquil peaceful fulfilling journey for the remainder , and one which allows me to fulfill my roles as mother , wife , sister , daughter, friend , nana and freedom seeker , I wish the best for you on your journey and hope to share some thoughts along the way ,... love and hugs Lori xxx